In stead of creating a kickstarter I am uploading content,
in hopes to get a bit of funding to keep my project alive
while helping you to build yours.

The textures are created through top down photography using a mix of natural and controlled lighting.
The normal and height are constructed through inputting various light directions through the multi angle node in Substance designer.
Though not perfectly PBR, the added ambient lighting in the diffuse is done to help create realism in real time engines.
If this is unwanted please feel free to manipulate the diffuse or create other styles with it.

Includes the following textures at a 4096px resolution
Diffuse, normal, height, subsurface, opacity in PSD and JPG format.

Also comes with references of its environment for reconstruction, including a shader example for Unreal engine.
If you would like more references, there are 3 free packs that can be downloaded.

All the examples on this page are rendered in Unreal engine, using a single piece of geometry (quad).
Best practice is to assign the diffuse to a square plane and cut out each leaf, followed by adding more geometry and deforming it.
Examples for this will follow shortly.

Can be used for private, professional, or other with exception to reselling.