Over the last years I have been focused on advancing real time graphics by improving the quality of content.
During this time I looked at the possibility of realism and breaking current workflow to try and increase the visual quality of games.
With hardware and software continuously evolving and new techniques becoming available, it creates endless possibilities to explore.

As some of the work is facing unknowns, I keeping nature, real life subjects as a reference point.
It is a balanced experience between learning, creating, figuring out what went wrong or could have been done better and growing your skill set.
By doing this often enough the results will slowly but steadily move forward.

(Every image on this page is created with Unreal engine, with exception to the menu, texture breakdown below and computer.)

If you are looking for texture sets to create more detailed environments for your projects and games, take a look at my gumroad.
More content will be up soon including a few rock scans, in hopes to get a bit of funding to keep my project alive while helping you to build yours.


Click here for high resolution previews and texture examples

I am now creating a playable tech demo, which is a first step in establishing a workflow, creating content and developing a foundation that can become a full game.

The theme of the demo environment is a Scandinavian forest that integrates some science fiction architecture.
All content is captured at a high resolution using various methods like photogrammetry or top down photography with a rig I constructed for vegetation.

It allows me to capture various information to create my own texture sets for any plant found in the environment.
Plants and trees are then rebuild leaf by leaf, giving it depth that is needed to ensure realism and create a more believable world.

The size of the demo is kept to a small area. It allows the player to walk around or control a virtual camera and be able to capture images or video.
By having access to various systems it is possible to make changes to the field of view, aperture, focal distance, depth of field methods and more.
The sun intensity, temperature and direction are also available, making it possible to experience it under different lighting.

While this might sound boring, being able to capture all the detail you will experience is very rewarding.

Steam has provided access to develop and it's meant to release end of this year.

The tech demo is the first big step towards establishing a company that is focused on creating high end video games.


In the beginning of this year, I traveled to the island Fuerteventura and captured various rock material to test equipment, workflows and develop new content.
Because my stay was short I would not have enough time to capture the entire landscape at the detail needed for a playable environement or game.

Instead I focused on testing a method of capturing (still photogrammetry) that would suit the movie industry better,
to see if it was possible to quickly gather content for offline rendering or used to pre visualize using Unreal engine.
As the game and movie industry are not as far apart, I would still learn about capturing, creating content and what to improve on for my project.

The results are a series of images and video of optimized content that show that it is possible to capture areas within several days,
process them and use them to concept a virtual world.

I revisited the location just a few weeks ago. This time with better equipment, more time to spend and was able to avoid some of the mistakes I made before.
Not only did I recapture areas but went home with enough data to reconstruct 200 individual rocks to create an even more detailed environment using simulation.

My setup:

Dual 1080TI in SLI
Intel Core i7 5960X
Asus X99-E WS
Corsair 64GB DDR4 2400MHz

Acer 28" Predator XB281HK G-Sync 4K