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Tech demo

Over the last two years I have been developing with Unreal engine, researching and building content to create a multiplayer shooter of my own.
During this time I have been exploring the possibility of realism and breaking current workflow.
By Using photogrammetry and multi gpu I am set on delivering a true 4K Experience that can show what current hardware is capable of.

While showing images is great to get the word out, nothing hits as hard as experiencing it.
To be able to walk around in an environment with this level of detail and realism, at a 4K resolution is mind blowing to say the least.

The theme of the demo is a Scandinavian forest, with some hidden science fiction architecture. The vegetation is build leaf by leaf to ensure realism.
Trees are constructed and tested with this method, giving it extreme depth while still performing well.
A large amount of plants has already been captured & built and I am now moving on to capturing rocks & trees to form the foundation of the demo.

The Player will have full control over a camera system in the demo, allowing any changes to field of view, aperture, focal distance, depth of field methods and more.
The sun intensity and direction are also available for any adjustments you want to make. As the demo makes use of Nvidia VXGI, the global illumination in the scene is real time.
While this might sound boring, being able to capture images or video of all the detail you run into is extremely rewarding.
Because the content responds very well to any light changes and different camera angles, it is very enjoyable and you can easily lose a lot of time this way.

Steam has already given me access to upload content and run tests and it is meant to release end of this year.

A few rough goals for performance targets:
1070 low end settings
needs to run HD real time GI, 45 fps.

1080 medium settings
needs to run HD real time GI, 60 fps.
needs to run 4K real time GI, 30 fps.

1080TI, TitanX high end settings
needs to run 4K real time GI, 30fps.

1080TI SLI, TitanX SLI
needs to run 4K real time GI, 60fps.